Notary and lawyer advice

Stones property management has a dedicated team of commercial property lawyers committed to delivering practical advice and high-quality, timely results as cost-effectively as possible.

Whether you are taking a lease on a small office premises or undertaking a major urban regeneration project, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure that the deal proceeds as smoothly as possible. In doing so, we will ensure that you are properly protected against the risks you are not willing to take and clearly understand the ones you are.
We have privileged relationships with a number of Notaries and lawyers which allows getting fast and to the point advice on a regular basis.

Our commercial property lawyers understand and recognise the commercial realities of our clients’ businesses, particularly in today’s changing economic climate. Our focus is on working closely with you to secure your business objectives and deliver pragmatic, user-friendly advice at competitive prices. We aim to respond, not to dictate timescales, and we are always happy to discuss what will be a practical timescale for our services.